Virtual tour for construction industry

Detailed construction 3D videos, 3D floor plans, 3D room designs and VR photos provide construction companies with complete coverage, while also helping them stay in line with contractual obligations for the purpose of site documentation.

In addition, the best VR videos can also provide architects with highly accurate visual construction records which can cut down risk, should any insurance claims arise.

Panoramic construction 360 tours are now an integral and vital component of visual construction documentation. These VR tours let users walk through a construction site without ever setting foot on the actual site – very useful for all your stakeholders and prospective clients who might want to see how a project is progressing.

Why use VR 360 videos for Construction?

The best VR videos for construction boast a lot more than just ‘pretty images’. They show a completely accurate-to-scale construction site in vivid detail which provides a long-lasting and indisputable visual record, as well as an immersive experience to those who may be interested in seeing progress on a project.

From civil infrastructure and industrial plants to facilities management and construction sites, interactive VR 3D videos are changing the way construction companies do business.

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