Virtual tour for education industry

While a virtual reality tour is in no way meant to replace an actual campus tour, it can be an extremely powerful tool to help convince parents and students to push a prospective school or university at the top of their list.

In fact, VR 3D videos can be especially useful to academic institutions who see a lot of international students – offering their prospective customers the ability to view the entire campus beforehand through stunning 360 images and 360 panorama videos.

Best VR Videos for College Campuses

Research has shown that many students who are interested in enrolling at a college campus or university not only take advantage of but also benefit from 3D videos and virtual reality tours. In a related survey, it was revealed that majority of students, when searching online for a university, labelled virtual college tours as their preferred method for evaluating eligibility of a campus.

Many schools and universities have already taken the plunge, offering vivid and richly detailed VR 3D videos and 360 VR experiences to help students as well as parents see and “feel” all the unique features.

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