Virtual tour for hospitality industry

Hotels all over the world are tapping into the power of virtual reality hospitality tours to offer potential guests a complete 360-degree, highly immersive experience of what it may be like staying in one of the rooms or enjoying some of the amenities.

Instead of looking at flat 2D imagery and still photos, viewers can fully immersive themselves in their desired accommodation, moving within the same rooms they want to stay – all faithfully recreated and rendered in vivid detail.

The “a picture tells a thousand words” saying is a thing of the past because through virtual reality tours, you can offer your guests complete transparency around the unique features, facilities and benefits your hotel provides.

Why Virtual Reality Tours for Hospitality are so effective

Travellers today not only expect to see virtual reality tours before booking a room but will often not book one unless they see a VR hospitality tour first. Statistics reveal that virtual reality tours can reduce ‘wasted viewings’ by 40%. Furthermore, properties that include virtual reality hospitality tours are, on average, clicked ten times more than those without VR tours.

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