Virtual tour for public industry

Many public service organisations as well as governments at the local and federal level are embracing the often underappreciated facets of 360 virtual tours. Not only can VR save public institutions money with their respective content also being easier to distribute, but it can also help deliver training modules to public service employees, among other things, through low cost smartphone solutions and VR headsets.

Here are more examples:


Many local and federal governments are using bespoke virtual reality apps to immerse new employees into ‘training scenarios’ before they even set foot into the field.


Job recruiters, be it in the public or private sector, must find creative ways to attract prospects. The “day in the life of an employee” experience can be relayed very well through an immersive VR tour.


Not only can universities enable students to immerse themselves in 360 virtual tours to better understand historical events, but also show parents how they stand apart from other campuses.

Market “famous spots”

The White House, Qatar Civil Aviation Authority and the state of Atlanta are just some examples of public institutions tapping into the power of VR to familiarise visitors with the amenities on offer.

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