Virtual tour for retail industry

Virtual reality tours and 360 panorama videos are not something that’s exclusive to gaming or entertainment only. They present a strategic opportunity for retailers as well to showcase their respective outlets, products and services – and to attract more customers to their unique offerings.

Online buyers today want a lot more than just colourful images or jubilant video reviews. They want rich and engaging experiences where they should be able to see and “feel” products in 3D videos shot through high-quality Matterport 3D cameras.

Many of the top retailers around the globe are utilising virtual reality retail walkthroughs and 360 panorama photos as well as videos, to offer customers vividly detailed “try before you buy” tours of something they may be interested in.

VR Camera Tours

With stunning VR tours at their fingertips, potential customers can instantly get a feel for what it’s like setting foot inside your store. Even in this digital age, brick and mortar stores are very popular, especially if they give people the chance to view the unique offerings beforehand through immersive 3D videos.

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