Virtual tour for real estate industry

To many folks, the scope of virtual reality is limited to entertainment or videogames. However, the technology has huge potential in the real estate industry.

In fact, many commercial developers – not only across the US and UK but across every country where there’s a thriving real estate sector – have started using 360 real estate tours to help tenants, buyers and investors experience real estate in a very engaging and immersive way.

No matter how big or small your property may be, a virtual real estate tour is a fantastic way to showcase all the benefits, features and value proposition that may be important to a client. At VR 360 Panorama, we offer virtual reality real estate packages to help you market a variety of properties, including luxury homes, apartments, condos, construction projects, commercial spaces, and more.

Why Virtual Reality Tours for Hospitality are so effective

A Golden Sachs Research report showed that by 2025, virtual reality would be an $80B market - $2.6B will be allocated to virtual reality real estate marketing. This is why today, not only property developers and agencies but also entrepreneurs are taking advantage of virtual reality real estate tours to market properties.

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