Virtual tour for real estate industry

To many folks, the scope of virtual reality is limited to entertainment or videogames. However, the technology has huge potential in the real estate industry.

In fact, many commercial developers – not only across the US and UK but across every country where there’s a thriving real estate sector – have started using 360 real estate tours to help tenants, buyers and investors experience real estate in a very engaging and immersive way.

No matter how big or small your property may be, a virtual real estate tour is a fantastic way to showcase all the benefits, features and value proposition that may be important to a client. At VR 360 Panorama, we offer virtual reality real estate packages to help you market a variety of properties, including luxury homes, apartments, condos, construction projects, commercial spaces, and more.

Why Virtual Reality Tours for Hospitality are so effective

A Golden Sachs Research report showed that by 2025, virtual reality would be an $80B market - $2.6B will be allocated to virtual reality real estate marketing. This is why today, not only property developers and agencies but also entrepreneurs are taking advantage of virtual reality real estate tours to market properties.

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Virtual tour for insurance industry

If you want to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your insurance company will not pose any issues when honouring claims in a fair way – then you need a 360 tour insurance walkthrough of your property, in order to indicate its placement and orientation.

Majority of insurance policies demand homeowners to provide detailed documentation of inventory, in the event that an insurance claim must can be processed. However, with some insurance policies, you may not get adequate compensation according to what you are rightfully owed – unless there’s sufficient proof of damage.

Virtual Tours Insurance – claim damages that are rightfully yours

Our property Matterport photographers and VR experts have worked with businesses and homeowners across the glove to produce highly detailed and ultra-high quality VR insurance tours. This interactive piece of content can serve as a reliable and omnipotent tool to help you claim damages that are rightfully yours, when you register a claim with your insurance company.

This can significantly reduce the stress and complexities that arise when filing an insurance claim. Through our virtual reality tour for insurance packages, we can help you present evidence on all items that were lost and/or damaged, so that you can get fair compensation.

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Virtual tour for hospitality industry

Hotels all over the world are tapping into the power of virtual reality hospitality tours to offer potential guests a complete 360-degree, highly immersive experience of what it may be like staying in one of the rooms or enjoying some of the amenities.

Instead of looking at flat 2D imagery and still photos, viewers can fully immersive themselves in their desired accommodation, moving within the same rooms they want to stay – all faithfully recreated and rendered in vivid detail.

The “a picture tells a thousand words” saying is a thing of the past because through virtual reality tours, you can offer your guests complete transparency around the unique features, facilities and benefits your hotel provides.

Why Virtual Reality Tours for Hospitality are so effective

Travellers today not only expect to see virtual reality tours before booking a room but will often not book one unless they see a VR hospitality tour first. Statistics reveal that virtual reality tours can reduce ‘wasted viewings’ by 40%. Furthermore, properties that include virtual reality hospitality tours are, on average, clicked ten times more than those without VR tours.

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Virtual tour for construction industry

Detailed construction 3D videos, 3D floor plans, 3D room designs and VR photos provide construction companies with complete coverage, while also helping them stay in line with contractual obligations for the purpose of site documentation.

In addition, the best VR videos can also provide architects with highly accurate visual construction records which can cut down risk, should any insurance claims arise.

Panoramic construction 360 tours are now an integral and vital component of visual construction documentation. These VR tours let users walk through a construction site without ever setting foot on the actual site – very useful for all your stakeholders and prospective clients who might want to see how a project is progressing.

Why use VR 360 videos for Construction?

The best VR videos for construction boast a lot more than just ‘pretty images’. They show a completely accurate-to-scale construction site in vivid detail which provides a long-lasting and indisputable visual record, as well as an immersive experience to those who may be interested in seeing progress on a project.

From civil infrastructure and industrial plants to facilities management and construction sites, interactive VR 3D videos are changing the way construction companies do business.

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Virtual tour for public industry

Many public service organisations as well as governments at the local and federal level are embracing the often underappreciated facets of 360 virtual tours. Not only can VR save public institutions money with their respective content also being easier to distribute, but it can also help deliver training modules to public service employees, among other things, through low cost smartphone solutions and VR headsets.

Here are more examples:


Many local and federal governments are using bespoke virtual reality apps to immerse new employees into ‘training scenarios’ before they even set foot into the field.


Job recruiters, be it in the public or private sector, must find creative ways to attract prospects. The “day in the life of an employee” experience can be relayed very well through an immersive VR tour.


Not only can universities enable students to immerse themselves in 360 virtual tours to better understand historical events, but also show parents how they stand apart from other campuses.

Market “famous spots”

The White House, Qatar Civil Aviation Authority and the state of Atlanta are just some examples of public institutions tapping into the power of VR to familiarise visitors with the amenities on offer.

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Virtual tour for marketing industry

At VR 360 Panorama, we are a leading company that offers businesses of all scales and industries cutting edge virtual tour software to market products and services in a way that can clearly position them as industry leaders.

Our VR camera 360 tours and Matterport 3D cameras are a superb way to give any client or prospective client an in-depth and immersive preview of a space. Using the best VR cameras currently in production, we provide bespoke virtual reality experiences to help you market your products and services in a way that instantly engages audiences.

A virtual reality real estate tour, for instance, can help tenants or property buyers get a vivid and richly detailed walkthrough of what it might be like to live in a specific home. Hotel and restaurant owners can harness the power of Matterport 3d to showcase facilities and amenities to patrons or stakeholders like never before.

Even leading academic institutions are using virtual tour software to highlight key benefits of enrolling at their respective campuses.

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours and much more

With VR 3D videos, 3D floor plans, 360 panorama images and more, there’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to marketing a space, business, product or service.

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Virtual tour for events industry

A very time-consuming component of running an events venue is the effort and energy spent showing prospective clients around the venue. Viewings can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more – and there’s no guarantee that it will be booked at the end of the day.

A virtual reality tour made through best-in-class Matterport cameras allows your prospects to view the venue from the comfort of their home or office. And if they like what they see on their screen, then you can bet they would want to see it in person before booking it. You can even use 360 video camera tours to help filter out prospects who are actually serious about booking your venue.

VR 360 Tours for quick venue bookings

Performing arts venues in particular are always faced with challenges around boosting ticket sales and venue rentals, not to mention standing out from competing venues online.

To help you generate more tickets and bookings as well as more venue interest, we’ll create beautiful VR 360 tours to hook your potential clients at first glance. Contact us now to learn more.

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Virtual tour for retail industry

Virtual reality tours and 360 panorama videos are not something that’s exclusive to gaming or entertainment only. They present a strategic opportunity for retailers as well to showcase their respective outlets, products and services – and to attract more customers to their unique offerings.

Online buyers today want a lot more than just colourful images or jubilant video reviews. They want rich and engaging experiences where they should be able to see and “feel” products in 3D videos shot through high-quality Matterport 3D cameras.

Many of the top retailers around the globe are utilising virtual reality retail walkthroughs and 360 panorama photos as well as videos, to offer customers vividly detailed “try before you buy” tours of something they may be interested in.

VR Camera Tours

With stunning VR tours at their fingertips, potential customers can instantly get a feel for what it’s like setting foot inside your store. Even in this digital age, brick and mortar stores are very popular, especially if they give people the chance to view the unique offerings beforehand through immersive 3D videos.

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Virtual tour for education industry

While a virtual reality tour is in no way meant to replace an actual campus tour, it can be an extremely powerful tool to help convince parents and students to push a prospective school or university at the top of their list.

In fact, VR 3D videos can be especially useful to academic institutions who see a lot of international students – offering their prospective customers the ability to view the entire campus beforehand through stunning 360 images and 360 panorama videos.

Best VR Videos for College Campuses

Research has shown that many students who are interested in enrolling at a college campus or university not only take advantage of but also benefit from 3D videos and virtual reality tours. In a related survey, it was revealed that majority of students, when searching online for a university, labelled virtual college tours as their preferred method for evaluating eligibility of a campus.

Many schools and universities have already taken the plunge, offering vivid and richly detailed VR 3D videos and 360 VR experiences to help students as well as parents see and “feel” all the unique features.

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